Programme at a glance

Monday 1st July                             Day 1 - Plenary Sessions                          The Moyne Suite

08.45    Welcome and Opening Remarks: Marion Murphy, IECA Chair, European Committee

           Addressing the Conference: Michael Dutka, IECA First Vice President
09.15    Overview of the Global LNG Market: Maria-Luisa Berlose, Head of Quantitative & Trading Analysis, Total Gas & Power Limited
10.00    Unlocking Efficiency through Supply Chain & Credit Synergies: James Gellert, Chairman and CEO,RapidRatings
11.15    Managing Credit Risk in an era of Political Change, Policy Confusion and the growing use of Sanctions: Chris Weafer, Senior Partner, Macro-Advisory Ltd
12.00    Keynote Presentation  The Global Economy from 20,000 feet - Fasten your Seatbelts: Robert Guest, Foreign Editor, The Economist
14.00    Legal Issues to consider in relation to contracts for physical shipment of Commodities: Oliver Mellman, Partner, PJ Legal Europe Limited
14.45    Renewables - What's the state of play?: Anna-Frederike Jung, Market Analyst for Renewables and Origination, Uniper Global Commodities SE
Tuesday 2nd July                           Day 2 - Plenary Sessions                          The Moyne Suite
09.00    Weather Derivatives: A Utility Approach: Luca Pontecorvi, Head of Structuring Italy, ENEL
09.45    Outlook for Oil Markets: Saad Rahim, Chief Economist, Trafigura Group Pte Ltd
11.00    Keynote Presentation  How the Nuna Solar Car is contributing to energy transition: Winnifred Noorlander, Diver and PR, Advisory Board, Vattenfall Solar Team
12.00    Credit Risk Insurance as a Distribution Channel: Lise Kessler, Global Head of Credit Risk Insurance, Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank
12.45    The Credit Risk of Climate Change - A Case Study on Energy Transition Risk: Giorgio Baldassarri, Global Head, Analytic Development Group, S&P Global Market Intelligence
13.45    Closing Networking Lunch