Winnifred Noorlander

Vattenfall Solar Team

Advisory Board

In 2016, Winnifred Noorlander (25) won the world championship in solar car racing with the Vattenfall Solar Team. The master engineering student from the Delft University of Technology dedicated a year of her time to building the best solar car there is. During the year she and her team overcame many challenges that come with optimizing a solar car and ultimately won the gruelling >5000 km long race where she was one of the drivers. During her presentation she will show you how to accomplish what everybody else says is impossible. Even though Winnifred is still mildly involved in the team, she now focusses more on bringing new technologies to the market. After her solar car adventure she spend time at the start-up Scoozy, developing a new, safer type of mobility scooter. With a passion for high-end technologies and sustainability she hopes to show people around the world the energy transition is necessary and already here.

Keynote Presentation: How the Nuna Solar Car is contributing to energy transition